Happy Hot-Toddy Halloween!

I was just having a conversation with my friend James about Halloween.
It went like this:
“Remember when it was so much fun?  I loved getting to run around the neighborhood with friends, gathering as much candy as I could.  Plus you were allowed to be out sans parents at night!” I said.
“Then things changed when we got into college… girls dressed in smutty outfits and we all got weird,” he reminisced.
“Uhhhh, it was so much fun.”
“Yea, but none of those things sound that great anymore.  Now I can wear whatever I want at home and get crazy with my fiancé.  It’s not a big deal to be out past dark, it’s not special to drink.”
“The magic is gone,” I said as we laughed.
Life is evolving and if we’re lucky, we evolve with it.  Although knocking on strangers’ doors late at night asking for candy might get us arrested at this stage in life, it also provides opportunity.
If you have kids, it’s the chance to give what you had: a day filled with supported candy eating, costumes, loud music and laughter.  If you don’t have kids, it’s the role of the pusher.  Heckling teens about their costumes and giving in to what they want: individually wrapped sweets.  So whether you’re walking the neighborhood with children at your feet or gathering your favorite people around a fire-pit to greet the community with candy, the Toddy-To-Go is a warming elixir of happiness.
Serves 1 
½ lemon, juiced
2 ½ tablespoons honey
2 shots good whiskey
1 cup hot water
Optional: cinnamon stick for garnish
1) Heat water in a teakettle; pour whiskey into a mug, squeeze lemon then add whole wedge and honey.
2) Add hot water, stir, garnish with a cinnamon stick if you’re feeling fancy.


2 responses to “Happy Hot-Toddy Halloween!

  1. Thanks Carrie! We filled a thermos with Toddy and took the kiddos treating; it was a blast. I'm a bit 'medium' on Halloween as a 27 year old, but seeing it through the eyes of a toddler reinvigorated my spirit. Thanks for reading, as always!!! Also, Toddies are great for the holidays too 🙂

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