Salsa is Summer

Hot days, warm balmy nights, cold beers, a bottle of tequila… this is sounding like a country song, but I have a point.  Salsa.

It’s too hot to cook and you’re never home, so you stop by the market for a bag of chips and a jar of salsa.  Everyone’s happy.  Whether you dip the chip like a bird, dunking only the corner, or use it as a scoop, gobbling up hearty bites, it’s the go-to snack for summer BBQ’s or an afternoon nosh.  

Another taste test proved successful.  I was pleasantly surprised how clean most salsa labels are.  Even the very inexpensive brands boasted ingredients I could pronounce.

All salsa’s were found in the grocery department, ‘clean’, medium in spice and chunky.   
I liked La Victoria, but when tasted next to the other varieties, it was a little ‘ho hum’.  Carlita Chipotle Salsa (the last salsa on the left) is great if you like chipotle.  Very smokey with a little kick in the back of the throat.  Try in burritos or huevos rancheros. 

My favorite was Frontera.  It has a roasted flavor though-out, just enough spice and softness from roasted garlic.  This would be great on fish tacos. 
Get the chips, tequila and lime, I’m ready to relax. 
Do you have a go-to salsa?  
Keywords: medium salsa, best salsas, Frontera Gourmet, summer snacks


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