Raspberry Jam Taste-Test

Remember how I said I’m starting to recommend products on our shelves at work?  I’m tasting 4-5 varieties of like-items (raspberry jam, for example) and seeing which taste the best.  When choosing the products to sample, I look for clean labels, or close to, and sample them next to one another to get an accurate taste “this one is sweeter than that one; that one has a weird consistency; this is amazing…”

This week I tried three summertime staples that most everyone will have in their pantry: raspberry jam, garlic tomato sauce and medium chunky salsa.  Of course some of you may have verde salsa, not the typical rojo variety, but I was looking for mainstream items.  After this taste test my stomach felt a little acidic, so I recommend not eating them all together, like I had to do.

It’s tasting time:
I tried these four varieties, most were organic and some were sweetened with fruit juice instead of cane sugar.

The results are in.  Bonne Maman is a very classic French raspberry jam.  It has just the right amount of  sweetness to  raspberry flavor.  Your mind will float to clouds of crispy buttery croissant dough layers, smothered in this preserve.
Fiordifrutta is a very different kind of spread.  It is seedless and sweetened with apple juice.  The texture is more of a puree, but the flavor is to die for.  I would use this on everything from a filling for crostata to a good old fashioned PB&J.   
Happy Toasting Foodies!
Keywords: Bonne Maman preserves, raspberry jam, fiordifrutta, sweetening jam with apple juice

3 responses to “Raspberry Jam Taste-Test

  1. I love Bonne Maman! I have to admit I picked it out because of the pretty label, but the flavor is outstanding, so it is a win win :).XXC

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