Hometown Smoke Goes Live

Over the past few weeks, I’ve been under a stack of details.  Racking my brain to trouble shoot and envision senarios, ensuring we have everything needed to be successful.  Last weekend all came to fruition as Hometown Smoke made its debut at Camano Island Plaza IGA.  Our six stores will be hosting Hometown Smoke, a portable smoker made by Southern Pride.  Each weekend we’ll load her up with Painted Hills brisket, Draper Valley whole chickens and baby-back pork ribs, hours later the doors open, revealing on-site smoked meats.

Many fun ideas are in the works, but for now, we’ll keep it simple and perfect the product.

Additionally, I’ve begun a new program where I recommend products on our shelves that are taste tested and foodie with a life approved!  It starts with Stubbs Texas Style Hickory Bourbon BBQ sauce. 

Here’s one of the many taste tests.

I bought a rack of ribs for dinner on Friday, along with Stubbs BBQ sauce.  Eddie and I had a feast!

Keywords: Stubbs BBQ Sauce, Southern Pride, Painted Hills, Draper Valley, Hometown Smoke


2 responses to “Hometown Smoke Goes Live

  1. Kress is on 3rd/pike; we are working on zoning issues currently. I don't know if Hometown Smoke will be available anytime soon down there. It WILL be at the Tacoma City Grocer and Snoqualmie Ridge IGA if you're I'm the mood for a drive 🙂

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