How to Eat Like a Foodie

Taste.  Really taste.  Take a deep breath, feel your heart rate slow and relax your abdomen.  Turn your cell phone to silent, set the laptop, newspaper, book or magazine to the side.  Be here for your experience.  Eating like a Foodie isn’t about stuffing your face and sitting in front of the TV all night.  What did you eat?  How did it taste?  Who made it?  If you ate some packaged chemicals and were watching television the entire time, an experience has been lost.  Eating chemically created food has minimal, if any, essential minerals and nutrients.  Your nervous system is jacked up and honestly, you probably over ate.  What if you put in the effort to cook something to share with your loved ones, but they were preoccupied watching television while they ate.  They didn’t taste it either.  During the course of the day we are on sensory overload and will inevitably take that internal stress home.  It’s a natural tendency.  So you have to consciously calm yourself down, self sooth, breath fully.  Think this is a bunch of bu**sh*t ?  Try it.  Close your eyes and take ten (yes, ten) deep breaths.  You feel a tiny bit more relaxed? 
The simple act of savoring the flavors that nurture our bodies and converse with the people that inhabit our time, are truly some of the healthiest things we can do.  This connection with each other, over a meal, creates a sense of community.  This community is proven to lengthen lives and improve it for the better!  Slowing down, having a good laugh and enjoying healthy, satisfying food will change your day.   All these aspects of the dining experience will encourage digestion and a healthy pace of life. 

As a twenty-something single woman (or man), it’s easy to say, “I don’t like cooking for just me.  What’s the point?!”  You are the point because the food put in your body will change how you feel dramatically.  Pay attention and taste.  Happy dining!

Picture taken at Savour in Ballard, Seattle, WA


2 responses to “How to Eat Like a Foodie

  1. Such an important reminder….my deep breathes before lunch time make all the difference in mindful eating amongst the stressors of the go-go-go pace. How did you get so smart?!

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