Bring-Along Pantry Salad

Tuna Garbanzo Salad
As many of you know, I love my bean salads.  Easy to make, minimal preparation, friendly for most eating habits and totally versatile.  Bring to a backyard BBQ or casual dinner.  Another award-winning aspect to a salad of legumes is that you can clean out the pantry and enjoy the outcome.  

A recent trip to the cupboard last week brought me face to face with four cans of garbanzo beans, four cans of various oil soaked fish, two jars of capers and three of roasted peppers.  Looks like we all know my go-to staples.  It was time to stop the hoarding and use the food I bought.

Foodie Advice:
Use canned tuna soaked in oil.  It has a mild flavor so you won’t feel like you’re eating cat food.  If you have other kinds of beans in the cabinet, feel free to sub the garbanzos.  White Northern or Gigante would be lovely options.  During the week, I add ingredients to extend this passion of the pantry – cooked potatoes, salad greens, and even smoked salmon.  It was all wonderful.

Serves 4-6
1 15oz can garbanzo beans, rinsed
1 can tuna, packed in oil, drained
1 tablespoon capers, chopped
½ cup roasted peppers, sliced thin
¼ cup shallot or red onion, diced

1 teaspoon toasted sesame oil
2 teaspoons white balsamic vinegar
2 teaspoons red wine vinegar
½ teaspoon dried oregano
¼ teaspoon fresh pepper
Optional: tiny pinch of red pepper flakes

Mix dressing in bowl; add all other ingredients and stir.  Marinate for 30 minutes; serve as-is or over arugula with a squeeze of lemon.

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