Smitty’s Market

Lockhart, Texas

Let this photo diary take you through a good ol’fashioned Texas BBQ spot, Smitty’s Market. 
Order your ribs by the pound.

This room holds feet upon feet of smokin’ grills.  On the other side of the wall? 
A whole new set of smokers packed full with meat.

Texas might be warm outside, but inside Smitty’s Market, it’s blazing hot and sooty.
Our order gets weighed and put on butcher paper.  White bread or crackers? 
You can have a hand full of each.
Lunch for four, then we head to the dining room. 

In the dining room, you’ll pay seperately for sides: potato salad, coleslaw, pickles, whole avocados, blocks of cheddar cheese.  Take your pick.

Behind Smitty’s Market is wood.  Lots and lots of wood.  Let’s bbq.
Keywords: BBQ, Lockhart, Smitty’s Market, Austin TX

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