Anjou Bakery Fruit & Nut Crostini

Love these crunchy crostini… taste the sweetness of dried fruit, buttery pecans, whole wheat and rye flours. This toast can stand on it’s own as a quick Foodie snack on the go, or smear with everything from bleu cheese to almond butter. 
Anjou Bakery is located in Cashmere, Washington, (Yea local REAL food!) and is the brain child of Heather and Kevin Knight.  In 1995 they decided to focus their efforts into a project that promoted good friends, family and food.  Thus, Anjou Bakery was born.  Made with all real ingredients, this crostini is perfect for a cheese board, picnic or snack.  
My serving suggestions?
Spread with mascarpone and fig jam.  Everyone at your next get-together will go crazy for this nosh.  A sweetened mascarpone is the filling to cannoli; find it in the deli cheese area, probably near the spreadable cheeses.  Thank Italy for this creation, a mix between butter and creamcheese.  Couldn’t imagine anything better? Me either.
Find Anjou Fruit & Nut Crostini at Myers Group supermarkets:  Goose Grocer, Kress IGA, Snoqualmie Ridge IGA, Ocean Shores IGA, Tacoma City Grocer and Camano Island Plaza IGA
Keywords: Anjou Bakery, Cashmere, WA, mascarpone, fig, appetizer, nosh, Myers Group

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