Eat This! Steamed Pork Humbow

Mee Sum Pastry, Pike Place Market

Pike Place Market is known for its farm fresh produce, colorful bouquet’s, flying fish, and let’s be honest, the first Starbucks.  Wondering tourists are glazed with awe and over stimulation, cameras in hand.  If you visit on a sunny Saturday morning, I’m there too, sitting on a curb, sharing a BBQ pork stick and humbow with anyone lucky enough to have breakfast with me.  
The steamed bun is proofed just so, sweet and sticky.  Then you’ll tear into the dough to reveal a center of BBQ pork that will make you take a deep breath and thank God for blessing you with this day; and this meal.  Try the pot stickers, they are warmed by the 14×14 griddle next to the case, then choose an additional dipping sauce from a variety in bottles.  The pork stick is a personal favorite, one skewer packed with marinated pink chunks of meat, finished with pineapple.  But the humbow, on my, the steamed BBQ pork humbow.  The dough is moist, the meat is perfectly spiced, and if that wasn’t enough, it’s only $2.25.     

1526 Pike Pl
Seattle, WA 98101-1527
(206) 682-6780


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