The Ballard Farmers Market

Even if the weather’s terrible, the Ballard farmers market still puts me in a state of bliss.
Freezing… and picking out great little apples.
Learned a fun trick – if you flick the apple, a lower decibel sound will mean it is more crisp.
I think Eddie bought $10 in potatoes… he is on a mission to make amazing pot roast.  Not sure if that even exists… BUT, he made ‘ok’ pot roast and smothered in BBQ sauce.  It wasn’t bad.
Hot dog for breakfast?!  Yes.
Living the dream: Dante we love you.
Where did this kid come from?!  Both were singing’ the winter chill away.
On closer inspection, this guy’s pretty cute.  Plus he sings with children that appear not to be his own.
(Don’t tell Eddie I said that.)
Back to the vegetables.  Preparing to make rosemary parsnips.
Another successful Sunday.

4 responses to “The Ballard Farmers Market

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  3. LOVE LOVE LOVE the Ballard Farmer's Market – it was just voted best farmer's market in the Pacific NW! Great pics, wish we had run into each other :)!

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