Donuts: The New Cupcake

Our donut program at work was boring… we offered the classics, but it had a “you can get this anywhere” vibe.  This is not what I’m going for.  I want our donuts to be worth the drive/walk/cycle to get them.  A destination donut, if you will.

So here’s what we did – contacted local Seattle companies (who have the BEST products), got our creative hats on and hit the bakery.  The rest is in the hands of a donut professional, at 5am. 

Donuts in action!

February Flavor of the Month: Theo Chipotle Chocolate Bar 
Oreo Crawler: Chocolate glazed ring, smashed Oreo cookie with a gummy worm 

The Seattle: Mocha frosting with chocolate sprinkles

Rocky Road: Chocolate glazed ring, almonds and marshmallows

Caramel Apple Fritter

March Flavor: Lemon Zing – Lemon glazed ring with gummy orange slices

The Fatty: Maple bar with crispy smoked bacon

Peanut Butter Maple: Peanut butter cups smashed on a maple glazed ring

The Bavarian: Bavarian cream on a chocolate glazed ring

April Flavor of the Month: Cinnamon bun with Rain City Crunch Granola
(Rain City Crunch is made by Sisters Baking Company in Edmonds, WA)
Find this fantastic granola at our stores: Kress IGA, Tacoma City Grocer, Snoqualmie Ridge IGA, Ocean Shores IGA, Goose Grocer and Camano Plaza

May flavor of the Month: Salted Chocolate Caramel


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