The Greyhound

A Love Story

On our first date, Eddie took me for an after dinner drink to the Tin Hat, home to the best Greyhound I’ve ever had.  We sat at the bar, talking about life, cooking, career plans, his house building.  We watched the bartender make our drinks in tumblers.  A few ice-cubes, a healthy pour of vodka, the glass was placed under an old metal juicer.  She sliced open a grapefruit, threw it on the half-circle juicing piece and slammed the handle down to extract sweet, sour Florida nectars. 

“I think it’s so important to choose to be happy, to make a conscious effort to be good to yourself,” I was saying.  “Life is hard, and granted to a different degree for everyone, but what’s the point if you stop choosing to be happy?  If you don’t try to find a job you love…if you don’t tap into your passion?”
“Let me see your hands,” Eddie said, and grabbed my palm.  “Just as I thought, you have an old soul; look how wrinkly your palms are.”  He looked me in the eye and smiled.  We were both quiet.  We changed the subject to a passion of mine, cooking.  I took a long sip of my cocktail.  Tangy grapefruit mixed with a healthy dose of vodka, things were going great.
At the time, I was beginning to chronicle my kitchen adventures.  After being introduced to truffle mushrooms, all the rage and so expensive, I’d made a lovely garbanzo bean truffle salt recipe, which I called “Truffle Garbanzo Beans on a Budget” (see blog for recipe). 
“What’s in it?”  Eddie asked. 
“It’s so good!” I said, and began passionately explaining how to make this delicious and simple dish.  With glimmer in my eyes and hands waving about, he kissed me, interrupting my description, but catching me so off guard, I blushed bright Florida grapefruit pink when he pulled away. 
Eddie had my attention.

Sometimes I add a splash of soda water to mix it up.  Make this for a friend, lover or treat yourself.  It always hits the spot.
1 grapefruit, juiced
2 oz Kettle One Vodka (more if you want)
4 ice cubes
Juice the grapefruit.  In a tumbler or low-profile glass, add ice.  Pour vodka then grapefruit juice.  Stir and enjoy.


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