The first time I tried real carbonara was in Rome on a rainy day.  The restaurant was empty and the sound of rain hung in the air like the backdrop to a great movie.

Use the best ingredients you can find, including farm fresh eggs and locally sourced pancetta from a butcher, such as BB Ranch.


For the pasta, it’s not traditional but I like an interesting shape like lumaconi rigati because they are more durable when making the sauce and the salty pieces of pancetta get stuck in the sloped opening.  You should be able to find this pasta shape at nicer grocery stores.  Use a food processor to grate cheese in seconds. What makes carbonara so special?  Read this article on the facts behind the food and then see pictures of me cutting an 80 lb wheel of Parmigiano Reggiano.

Foodie Note: This recipe is easily prepared in 30 minutes on a weekday evening.

(lumaconi rigati)


Get the recipe and watch the video at BB Ranch’s Butcher Blog.


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