S’mores in the City

A few days ago, I was wondering around World Market (also know as Cost Plus).  This store is wonderful and terrible at the same time.  You went in for whole wheat pasta and re-emerged into the world with Nutella, a whisk, cute new towels, some crazy vanilla lemongrass water, earrings, and a Mexican lamp shade.  I love World Market because they have so many random, silly, gourmet, and international food products.  Two of which bring me to S’mores in the City.  Biscoff cookies and Nutella. 

Belgian based Lotus Bakeries have been making Biscoff cookies since 1932; now exporting these crunchy cinnamon biscuits all over the world.  Ingredient #2: Nutella, an Italian chocolate spread, laced with hazelnut.  This twist on S’mores has non-camping city girl written all over it. 

Using a BBQ or gas stove, roast you marshmallow to desired toasty-ness.  I prefer it lit on fire and torched, but do what you love.  Smear a generous helping of Nutella on a Biscoff cookie, smoosh toasted marshmallow into chocolate and sandwich with another cookie.  Mmmmmmmmmm…..     


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