Smoked Trout – Discovery of the week!

I’m a true Seattle gal – I like my coffee strong, my men scruffy and my salmon smoked. I was at Tavolata a month back and had an amazing smoked trout bruschetta (shout-out to Ethan Stowell, he is not messing around) and was in love from the first bite. I automatically assumed smoking your own fish was a real process, and considering I still have yet to look into this endeavor whatsoever, I will continue to walk that path. But, and this is a big one, I tried it canned. I don’t know why – I’m vaguely against canned fish and canned trout didn’t sound tasty, but I bought it and whow! It may not sound incredibly classy, but it’s a real flavor (and protein) boost to any meal. I drained it of oil and dressed my penne with this smokey, not-too-salty treat; it was completely delicious. I would definitely serve it on an antipasto tray instead of pate (or serve both, yum). It’s no mess and a gourmet touch with the easiest preparation. If you like smoked salmon, this might be your #2…


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