A little dinner conversation: Fun truffle FACTS!

1) From the fungi family, these pricey fungi tend to look like shriveled up black brains, although in this picture, they look a little more like poop.
2) Black truffles, grown in France, can be priced as high as $500/lb.  Italian white truffles are even more rare, and can cost up to $2000/lb!
3) Black truffles must be cooked to unlock their flavor, unlike their Italian counterpart, which can be eaten raw over risotto, eggs or meats.
4) Truffle “hunters” often use specially trained dogs to find these hidden gems, which grow about 30cm underground.  Pigs are also used for “hunting,” but love to eat the buried treasure, which unfortunately, makes for a hungry hunter. 
5) Considered an aphrodisiac, scientific evidence pending…


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